Fx Turns One

Fx Turns One!

On October 3rd 2014, Fx Recruitment had it’s 1st birthday.

What an incredible year it has been! Although at times nerve-wracking and scary, we’ve exceeded expectations, forecasts and targets. The Fx team are over the moon that the company has had such a positive…


M25 speed camera switch on

Drivers pay attention- no one wants a fine but points effect your employability! We reposted this story on our Facebook page after reading the article back in August, again we thought we’d share it on the Fx website too just to keep everyone aware of what’s going on on our Nation’s roads.


HGV blind spot

This is why bikers should pay attention!

We saw this posted on Facebook and thought it’d be good to share it on the Fx Website too just to spread the message about how wary other road users should be of large lorries.

HGV’s and…